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The Show

Scowt Stories TV Show is all about telling our Stories and helping you tell yours! Following real hunts with your average passionate hunters Dusty and Cole - the founders of Scowt.  From the beginning preparation to the very end of our favorite hunts of the year Scowt Stories showcases the hard work and amazing process that comes from the great outdoors.

Although we will go anywhere and hunt almost anything, our passion is hunting in the state of South Dakota. We frequently hunt the same ground our parents and grandparents have been hunting for many decades. We pride ourselves in not being a professional, but by being relatable!

Scowt Stories TV - Season 6 Now Airing on Midco Sports and Pursuit

The Crew

Cole Shawd

Cole is the co-host and business mastermind of Scowt Stories. He is most passionate about Whitetail deer in the Dakotas and hunting Mule deer in the Missouri River Bluffs.

Dusty Sperlich

Dusty is the co-host, Producer, and tech guru of Scowt Stories. He has been chasing whitetails in South Dakota for 20+ years. While he prefers his Elite bow, he loves to hunt with whatever he can draw a tag. He also carries a strong passion for waterfowl.

Kane Knudson

Kane is the new guy to the crew. He has been filming waterfowl on his own and for his buddies for last couple years but really as came into his own. Outside of the eye of the lens, he loves working at Scheels and going through college!


We are expanding!!

Do you have a passion filming? Do you have a great personality? We are looking for some committed self-filmers or buddies to join the Scowt team in 2024. If you are dedicated, hard working, and diligent about filming your hunts, apply at the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!! 🤙

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